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Plastic Fuel Tank Solutions

Since entering the market in 1976, Plastic Fuel Tanks and Systems have continuously increased market share replacing steel due to superior product performances.


Plastic fuel systems provide solutions for key functions from the fuel cap to the engine delivery such as:

  • filling at the gas station (permits easy refuelling);
  • storage of fuel;
  • venting of gas and managing fuel vapours;
  • gauging (indicates the exact amount of fuel in the tank);
  • feeding (supplies the engine with the adequate amount of fuel).

Typical Fuel System Architecture

Complex shape fuel tank

Complex shape fuel tank(Kautex – Courtesy of Volkswagen)

As a safety part of the car, the fuel system fulfils very stringent physical and mechanical requirements that are validated through crash tests and fire resistance tests. At the same time the fuel system is a major component of a car which determines its impact on the environment.