European Automotive Plastic Fuel Systems


Why Plastics?

Innovative Plastic Fuel Tanks & Systems are here to stay. Producing
a plastic fuel tank and plastic fuel system is a complex process that
requires innovative engineering solutions, skilled workers and the
advanced knowhow. More than 95% of fuel tanks produced in Europe are
currently made of plastics!

Plastics fuel tank systems provide innovative solutions to address the fast growing market of hybrid vehicles.

Plastic tank systems also serve the dual purpose of decreasing the vehicle’s overall weight, as an average plastic tank weighs two-thirds less than an average steel tank.

Fuel Systems industry developed innovative SCR system solutions, allowing to store and distribute on-board urea-water solutions, which has been recognized as the best technique to abate engine NOX emissions. 

Plastic Fuel Tanks and Systems for the Automotive Industry

Plastic fuel tanks and systems are designed to offer environment-friendly; cost-effective; light-weight; and safe solutions to the Automotive Industry.

PlasFuelSys - The European Plastic Fuel Tanks and Systems Manufacturers Associationan EuPC Sector Group.